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Why we love libraries


Check out the blog post from about Why we ALSO love libraries!

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Picture Book Idea Month Success




Whew! I made it through another year of Tara Lazar’s amazing Picture Book Idea Month (aka-PiBoIdMo). This yearly event has the most amazing gueat bloggers, encouragement and daily motivation posts. No wonder there are so many people that sign up to complete the challenge. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post anything before or during the event…so, I am doing it now.

This year is over and done. Her last post came out today. BUT, there is always next year or you can go over and read all the awesome posts from this past month.

Be brave. Keep on writing!

Stay warm! Tia


Children’s Writing Resource Blog-Check it Out

Children’s Writing Resource Blog

I just have to share this one! Amazing blog by Rachelle Burk with resources to everything children’s book writing related.


Yep. Like a cheer for children’s book resources.



NaPiBoWriWee Personal Update

Whew! I finished the first day of National Picture Book Writing Week (NaPiBoWriWee). Draft one complete. I had anxiety about writer’s block when I started, but in the end I sat down (both my daughters were sleeping) and let the words flow onto the screen. This does not happen often, but I committed myself to just writing a ROUGH draft. That’s it. We’ll see if the rest of the week goes as smooth as yesterday. I do have a lot of goodies in my ‘brain-dumping-everything-goes’ notebook.  But, it did take me a few starts before I found one I could work through to the end for day one. Let’s see how day two works out and I’ll report back tomorrow!

Check out Paula Yoo’s website for more awesome writing encouragement, author interviews and book recommendations.

Write on!



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