NaPiBoWriWee Personal Update

Whew! I finished the first day of National Picture Book Writing Week (NaPiBoWriWee). Draft one complete. I had anxiety about writer’s block when I started, but in the end I sat down (both my daughters were sleeping) and let the words flow onto the screen. This does not happen often, but I committed myself to just writing a ROUGH draft. That’s it. We’ll see if the rest of the week goes as smooth as yesterday. I do have a lot of goodies in my ‘brain-dumping-everything-goes’ notebook.  But, it did take me a few starts before I found one I could work through to the end for day one. Let’s see how day two works out and I’ll report back tomorrow!

Check out Paula Yoo’s website for more awesome writing encouragement, author interviews and book recommendations.

Write on!


One response to “NaPiBoWriWee Personal Update

  1. Great job Tia! I totally intimidated my the committment that this week takes and impressed with your successful start! Keep up the good work. One down, six to go! 🙂

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