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Children’s Writing Resource Blog-Check it Out

Children’s Writing Resource Blog

I just have to share this one! Amazing blog by Rachelle Burk with resources to everything children’s book writing related.


Yep. Like a cheer for children’s book resources.




PiBoIdMo: Ideas, ideas, ideas!

Check out PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) hosted by Tara Lazar over at www.taralazar.wordpress.com. She is posting daily with great information from guest authors!

Yesterday’s post was from well-known author Karma Wilson of the Bear Snores On books and the idea of always asking the question ‘what if’?

I read a lot of children’s books and find that non-fiction books can often have great ideas hidden among the pages. The other day, I was searching through a children’s National Geographic animal book and came across a thorny lizard. For some strange reason I was drawn to this small, spiny, creature. The idea was already in my notebook but using the ‘what if’ method really helped me see where the story could progress.  What if thorny lizard wanted to be a super hero but he was too slow, spiny, and small? What if he could help people in a different way? What if thorny lizard could collect water on his spines (this was a fact about the lizard in the book) and just let the ‘what if’s’ continue.

Amazing how two little words can help progress a story idea so quickly! Thanks, Karma Wilson for the ‘What if’ and Tara Lazar for an awesome event!

Keep on writing, my friends.