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Children’s Writing Resource Blog-Check it Out

Children’s Writing Resource Blog

I just have to share this one! Amazing blog by Rachelle Burk with resources to everything children’s book writing related.


Yep. Like a cheer for children’s book resources.





Imagine you have a manuscript that has been in progress for months. Every time you hear the last few paragraph’s read out loud the story falls completely flat. You can feel something is just not working.

Where do you go from here? Dump the whole manuscript and start over? Here are a few great suggestions from my writing group:

1. Write the story from a different character.

2. Write the story from the character at a different age.

3. Write the story from a different point of view (POV). Here is a great link to a blog that talks about POV.

I do know my story with this problem needs to be told. Maybe yours does too. And maybe, just maybe, working through the manuscript in a different way is the solution. I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as I get back to work on that manuscript! Let me know how your manuscript turns out!


More on POV:


More on character development:

Pamela Dowd has a wonderful downloadable character development sheet (actually 8 page) but asks all the right questions about your character. (For children’s book character development you’ll have to pick and choose what to answer)