I like lists. Lists are simple, to the point, fun to write and easy to read. To start off on the ‘write’ foot, I decided to start with a simple goal list:

  1. Blog weekly. This is my own self-imposed 52 week challenge.
  2. Have guest posts. Amazing people, awesome writers. I can’t wait to hear more from both beginners and pros.
  3. Keep a ‘favorites’ list. Who can resist. Mine continually evolves.
  4. Get my kids involved in the blog. Can’t wait to dictate some of their feedback and post some kid artwork after reading new stories.
  5. Share information I learn from reading, writing and researching.
  6. Post information about my writing progress.
  7. Ask questions and answer questions.
  8. Improve my writing skills. A constant goal of mine.
  9. Keep it simple. Not much more to say about this one. this one applies to both writing and the rest of my life!
  10. Have fun!



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