What Goes Here?

There are certainly a million new and changing tidbits to learn about writing/editing/submitting/publishing children’s books. However, I often find myself staring at the blank screen waiting for some thing, some idea, some what-ever-might-make-an-(might I dare say) awesome blog post to pop into my very crammed noggin. An awesome blog post that not only says something about what I do but how I can help people and…be engaging (not much to ask, huh?).

When I first started this blog, I thought there would be an infinite number of topics I would be able to quickly put into words and post. Well, the ‘quickly put into words’ part is what I should have questioned myself about the first time around. As an unseasoned writer, I am often flustered by how much time I spend creating a simple blog post. The A-HA! moment should have hit me long before I decided I would post once a week (which I have rarely done from the start). But, no. Excited with fervor, pushing ahead no matter how many times my husband warned me. I, again, have been staring at the screen daily for the last week wondering what really belonged on this blog. Useless information is the last thing I want to be writing about, but sometimes reading what I’ve posted in the past can be painfully eye-opening. Life is a learning process. Right?

In the end, I know that this blog belongs here. But maybe, just maybe some other words need to be said. Not just what I learn about writing, but how to manage life: life with kids, a husband that travels, family far away, temporary moves across the country, friends coming and going, homeschooling, and trying to fit writing into all of these.

Writing from my gut is what I promise. Writing that matters. Sometimes silly, sometimes frustrated, sometimes funny (if I’m lucky) sometimes who knows what the heck I’ll come up with. But…

I. Will. Write.

Please continue to write with me. Check out these great blogs:

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Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators  http://scbwi.org//


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