Value of Time

A few weekends ago I attended an out-of-town writing festival. The road trip to the event included two lovely ladies from my in-person writing group, great conversation and some good laughs.

Now, I must start by saying that I did enjoy my time at the writing festival. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the class that I attended for two days. It was less than what I expected from this well-known writing event. When I weigh the value of my time spent with what else I could have accomplished, the second option would have been a better choice.

I have learned in the last few years the value of my time. When I take a weekend away from my family, I want to be doing something I feel passionate about and get truckloads out of the experience.

I did my best to make the most of the weekend. I worked on my piece that I took for class, started another story, documented some story ideas for a project I would like to work on long-term and met some great people in the class I took. I gave feedback to the event coordinators and learned my lesson about really doing my research.  I certainly know now, more than ever, the value of my time may not be the same as others.

Great article from Forbes about The Price of Time

Make sure you are understanding the value of your time by doing something you are passionate about! Again, one of my favorite blogs about passionate pursuits has recently changed its name but not its mission:

Live Your Legend

Happy writing to all!




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