NaPiBoWriWee Personal Update Day 5 & 6

Day five and six drafts complete. National Picture Book Writing Week (NaPiBoWriWee) is a grueling challenge! Last night I was up late just to finish day five manuscript. Day six went a little smoother, but I’m still not sure about the story having any true substance. When I begin to edit, it will be the true indicator of what to keep and what to junk. Or, what to turn into a completely different story.

Here’s to writing! If you are working hard to complete the week-good luck on day seven manuscript! If this event inspired you to write just one manuscript–congratulations! You are moving forward and that is what life is all about. Step by step you will see progress and results!

Find out more about NaPiBoWriWee at Paula Yoo’s site.

Good luck!


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