How a Busy Mom Finds Time Daily

I am a mother of two busy little girls. Our daily activities look like this: wake, eat, crafting/coloring, outside or reading, gym (mommy time), run errands, eat, one to school, one to nap, pick up from school, play outside, eat, bath, puzzles/game, read before bed…lights out. This list includes only the planned stuff!

I agree-exhausting. Here are a few of my favorite ways to get writing/idea time:

1.            I get up early to write before my girls wake up.

2.            When they are crafting I ask them for story ideas.

3.            I write when one is at school and one is napping.

4.            After they go to bed I sit down and write.

5.            On the go. (I write notes in my iphone or use the voice recorder)

Honestly, some of my best story ideas come from being in the vehicle with my two girls.

If you do not have children (and even if you do), here are a few other places to find ideas:

1.     Spend time with children. Get on the floor and play with them.

2.     Listen to what they say in a group of other children.

3.     Spend time in your child’s classrooms.

4.     Visit the local library story time.

5.     Go to a play center (i.e; Bounce U, Pump it Up, McDonald’s Playland)

6.     Volunteer in your church nursery.

7.     Watch videos of kids being cute.

Children have amazing imaginations. As adults, we get caught up in everyday tasks we have to accomplish. We need to take time to slow down and just be.

My last piece of advice is simple…

LISTEN. Listen with your heart. This is where ideas are born.


One response to “How a Busy Mom Finds Time Daily

  1. My biggest problem is finding time to write. I am constantly writing down ideas but I always feel like I need big chucks of time to develop them. This is great advice for using time that is already available despite busy schedules!

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